I read the amazing, funny, and spot-on 
account of working for a tech start-up as an "older" 
​employee, ​Disrupted: My Misadventure in the 
Start-Up Bubble
 by Dan Lyons
. I finished it in one 
sitting, laughing and cringing at the same time. 
In multiple instances, I thought I had to contact 
the talented author and ask how he had the nerve 
​to steal my story of working as an "older" 
employee at a tech start-up. I did myself a solid 
​and Googled him and his story to verify that he, and the company he worked for, did exist. Living outside of Boston and working in publishing, I had a vague recollection of hearing about his story and HubSpot in the wayback recesses of my mind. I have since recommended this book to two former colleagues with whom I worked in my own tech start-up hell position. My recommendation consisted of this short summary: "We weren't crazy. This is happening elsewhere to others, too. If only we could take that validation to the bank and cash the check to pay our therapists." 

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I'm capturing grammar goofs I see in daily life. In an effort to "make America grammatically correct again," I'm posting goofs and corrections. Please feel free to share the horrors you see!

Grammar goofs

How Many Dollars Dollars does this cost?

cute advertising goes horribly wrong

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I'm sure my "sid salad" is a Caesar! Try "side" for grammatical correctness.

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