Here are descriptions of some of the most common services TQM Communications, LLC offers. For additional details or to see if we can help you, please contact TQM Communications, LLC. We look forward to working with you!

Light copyedit: This is recommended when the main issues in the manuscript concern style and grammar but are not numerous.

Medium copyedit: This is recommended when there are some sentence rephrasing and grammar, style, consistency, and word choice issues but not to the level of the heavy copyedit ​or developmental copyedit.

Heavy copyedit: This is recommended when there are a lot of grammatical, structural, and style issues but not so much that a developmental edit is needed. The manuscript generally needs a lot of rewording and sentence rephrasing but does not need to have whole sections of the book reorganized, for instance, that which a developmental edit would entail.

Developmental copyedit: This is recommended when a manuscript has major issues with structure, style, grammar, plot, character development, etc. First the editor reads through the entire book and makes editor comments based on the book's organization and structure. No corrections to the actual text are done at this stage. Then the manuscript is sent to the author to make the suggested content changes to their manuscript. Once this is done, it goes back to the editor for a heavy copyedit. Then it goes back to author for review, then back to the editor again for editing of new material, then back to the author again for final review. For a quote, please contact TQM Communications.

Proofreaders check written text after it has been copyedited and before it is printed or published. They check grammar, spelling, and punctuation and ensure the copy reads smoothly. Additionally, proofreaders check production issues like confirming page numbers, headings, and captions are correct and photos and illustrations are correctly captioned. Proofreaders adhere to in-house style preferences as well as preferred styles based on the type of publication (for instance, books adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style​ and most websites adhere to AP style). Fees for Copyediting and Proofreading Services vary. ​For a quote, please contact TQM Communications.

Reader Report for Books
Congratulations! You've finished—or are in the process of completing—your book. What's next? Before you consider sending your manuscript to any publisher for publication, you need to have a professional editor take a close look at it. You spent a long time writing your book, and your heart and soul are reflected in the effort. Now you want to know if it's any good or how to make it better. If your manuscript needs work, you want to know now—before you invest in potentially costly book production. Professional editing will make your book as polished and marketable (read: sales!) to your target audience as possible. TQM Communications reviews your manuscript to give a general assessment of the key areas of your book and to determine the extent of editing needed to conform to today's standard publishing guidelines—and to make your book as polished, professional, and perfect as you'd like. This reader report provides feedback and recommendations in a variety of main areas common to all books, including characters, setting, plot, writing, and more. The fee for a reader report is a flat rate based on word count. Any additional requests (like book title suggestions, etc.) cost an additional fee. For a quote, please contact TQM Communications.​

TQM offers additional editorial services in brand building, content strategy, website development, marketing communications, copywriting, and editing (copyediting and proofreading). ​Fees for these projects vary. For a quote, please contact TQM Communications.