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"Tracy is the editor you want on your team. Not only does she catch errors that 5+ other people have missed, she makes savvy recommendations that strengthen any project. She's also intentional about asking the right questions that make you look at projects from different viewpoints, further increasing the ability for projects to have a major impact. On top of that, she's a delight to work with. Any team would benefit from working with Tracy!"
—Kate Sitarz, ACD/Senior Copywriter & Content Strategist | Freelance 

“We are fortunate to work with Tracy as a copywriter and proofreader. She has been a total asset to our team — she finds mistakes no one else sees and has helped to take a TON off our plates. One of our favorite things about Tracy is that she makes incredible suggestions and really makes it easy for us. She is easy to work with, always delivers on time, and is a great communicator providing excellent copywriting and proofreading.”
—Kaitlyn Spinney, Business Operations Manager, Nicki K Media

“Tracy is simply amazing. She has an uncanny ability to see errors and formatting mistakes which other reviewers fail to pick up. We now have a policy that all external-facing communications must pass through TQM for proofreading before they launch and this has saved us embarrassment many times. Tracy's turnaround time is fantastic. She is always there when we need her. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in protecting their brand.”
―Megan Lucier, Marketing Director, Sungage Financial

“Tracy serves as an invaluable extension of the Sungage marketing team. The marketing team at Sungage runs lean, and Tracy always makes herself available to ensure all our social posts, emails, and bigger campaigns go out the door flawlessly. She's a pleasure to work with and learn from. Our quality of work would not be the same without her!”
―Jon Hayes, Product Marketing, Sungage Financial

"I’ve been heavily involved in marketing communications and content creation since 1983, and I’ve relied on several proofreaders during that time. I’ve only had the pleasure of working with Tracy for a year, but she is by far one of the best copy editors and proofers I’ve ever seen. No matter how many projects our marketing team throws at her, we know she’ll catch any mistakes we missed and do it quickly. In fact, she’ll no doubt proof and correct this testimonial before using it. Lol. Having someone that adept, experienced, and reliable is a huge weight off our shoulders, especially when we have little time to produce projects and kick them out the door. That means we can focus on creating strong content and trust her to help make us look good."
―Kevin Hosey, Senior Manager, Marketing, Altisource

"Tracy is fantastic. I run a startup with $8M in funding. We need to send documents that are precise, correct, and easy to understand. Tracy does it all — as suggestions in a document, which makes it easy for us to accept/decline what we want so we keep our brand's tone. Also, she's LEARNED our brand, more and more each time she works with us, and sometimes corrects us on how we should be talking! She's a secret weapon. I suggest to anyone who needs 'correct' documents/project plans/proposals, etc. to partner with Tracy. She is so easy to work with."
―Soham Khaitan, Co-Founder & COO, ambi

"Creating content at its best becomes a lot easier when you have Tracy Quinn McLennan on your team. A judgement-free, no-holds-barred proofing service,TQM Communications has become a valued resource to our marketing team. Tracy is fast, thorough, and sharp—catching everything from broken links to company name references right down to those em dashes!"
―Maria Writesel, Marketing Manager, Sungage Financial

"Tracy Quinn McLennan ensures the copy for my business is always error-free, succinct, and readable. Most importantly, as a Dutch native speaker, she aligns my writing for a US audience, following its tone and spelling. She is highly responsive and professional, and I can count on her to make me and my organization look good. Our flagship project together was the publication of our e-book Implementing B2B Content Marketing: A Proven 7-Step Approach to Success."
—Bob Oord, CEO & Co-Founder, Manceppo

"The fact is Tracy doesn't miss details. And she works quickly. That's why we send all of our external communications to her to review before we publish to our audience. It's been a pleasure working with Tracy on all fronts and I expect we'll continue to do so for a long time." 

―John Massie, Product Marketing Manager, Sungage Financial

"Out of all the editors I've worked with over the years, Tracy is by far the best. She not only catches any and every pesky punctuation or grammar mistake, she also has a writer's eye that allows her to raise thoughtful questions about the content itself. And as if that weren't enough, she's fantastic at creating, maintaining, and adhering to style guides, as well as checking the critical, but too-often-overlooked, 'little' things, like whether links work and are driving to a relevant pages. It's her deep experience and attention to detail that will improve any project."
―Kate Sitarz Smith, Copywriter

"I had the genuine pleasure of collaborating with Tracy at TQM Communications on my book manuscript. Her keen editorial insights where on point through and through and gratefully made bold recommendations that, in the end, helped ensure solid, engaging content. Tracy went above and beyond with her time, talent, and collaborative spirit to help me deliver a final product for which I'm truly proud." 
―David Woodruff, Author, Herding Words: A Brand Copywriter's Guide

“We worked with Tracy and her team for several years. She was our life raft, our safety net, and our savior on many occasions. Not just because she would catch details a large marketing team didn’t notice, but because she invested the time to get to know our business, our messaging and our style. She became our communications partner and helped us maintain our high standards and keep track of endless content changes, to help us navigate the evolution of our brand. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable extension of their marketing team.”

―Patti Wilson, Director, Marketing Communications, LendingClub Patient Solutions

"I have found Tracy Quinn McLennan to be a valuable addition to our editorial contractual staff. She is enthusiastic and thorough in her work for Wheatmark and handles each project with professional care. She's prompt and accomplishes quality work that goes above and beyond our expectations. She has valuable insights to share with both beginning and experienced authors, teaching them how they can improve the quality of their writing."
―Lori Conser, Senior Project Manager, Wheatmark

"Wow, I cannot thank you enough for the thorough and VERY helpful analysis. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I agree with all of your points and really want a title that conveys the tone of the book. I had not even thought about some of the issues you raised with some of the options, so that is very helpful, too. Your reader report and your help with the title have been so valuable. I have spent a lot of time in the last few months on sabbatical working through your analysis, and I think the manuscript is much stronger now. It will be a better book because of your suggestions, and I really am grateful."
―Dr. Jessica Kapp, Associate Dept. Head, Senior Lecturer, University of Arizona, Author, Girl on the Roof of the World

"Tracy came highly recommended and as soon as we began communicating about my project, I knew why they were all singing her praises. Since this is my first experience with an editor or agent, I had no idea what to expect of the process, but Tracy has been a thorough and informative guide through the publishing maze. I am especially grateful that Tracy resonates with my project and is able to provide helpful tips and suggestions as we move forward together. I feel completely supported and truly appreciate her willingness to communicate with me whenever I have a question or concern."
―Susette Smith, Author, Cosmic Confessional: The Adventures of an Accidental Psychic 

"Tracy is truly one of the most talented professionals I have yet to work with. I have little knowledge when it comes to editing and cleaning up a book in order to catch publishers’ eyes. Tracy has led me step by step from the very beginning and has exceeded my expectations so far beyond what I could have imagined. Tracy is truly passionate about what she does, is easy to work with, punctual, intelligent, very well educated about all things writing and editing and knows exactly how to make your work pop. I have hired her for many different services. Tracy can do it all, which makes her such a unique individual to work with. She can take any form of writing and provide you with whatever you wish to achieve and then some. She is an incredible mentor, guide and highly accessible. Tracy is the perfect example of what working with the best looks like." 
―Brittany Burgunder, Author, Safety in Numbers: From 56 to 221 Pounds, My Battle with Eating Disorders

"Tracy is a fantastic, detail-oriented editor who I don't hesitate to give my highest recommendation. We rely on her for projects critical to our business and our bottom line, and she never fails to deliver the needed work on time, if not before. She's quick to respond to inquiries and always willing to consider special requests. We practically couldn't run our business successfully without her at this point, and frankly, we wouldn't want to try!"
―Grael Norton, Director of Marketing, Wheatmark
"Tracy edited my latest book, The House of Black and White. She was instrumental in assisting to mold the story details, covered the editing and proofreading and brought focus and clarity to the work. I highly recommend her for her editing and general writing services."
​―David Sherer, MD PACEO, President, Consolidated Medicine, Expert Witness and Author of ​The House of Black and White
"I have hired Tracy for high-profile projects as well as more simple projects. In every case, she came through on time with a well edited manuscript. When the material demanded that she roll up her sleeves and re write, she re wrote. When she was faced with a well-written, but unpolished work, she was able to edit it beautifully without losing the author's voice. I highly recommend her for your next editing project."
―Amy Collins, Book Distributor, Professional Speaker on Book Industry, Owner of New Shelves

"Does excellent editing work; highly recommend."
―Frederick Douglass Opie, The Food Prof, Author, and Professor of History and Foodways at Babson College

"I cannot recommend Tracy enough. As a small, female-owned, small business owner, she has advised me to develop communications and marketing strategies as well as financial and human resources management as an entrepreneur. She is not only the best editor I know, but she has a remarkable sense of humor, is diligent, dedicated, talented, and the utmost processional. You will not be disappointed to hire and work with Tracy!"
―Michelle Quinn-Davidson, Owner, For the Love of Jobe ― Pet Services, LLC

"Tracy is an adept editor. I hired her to copy edit books and would do so time and time again without hesitation. If you're in need of editorial services, you'd be smart to hire Tracy."
―Courtenay Brown, Sales & Marketing Manager, ASM Press at American Society for Microbiology

"Tracy is very professional and efficient. I was very pleased with the editing and additional elements she introduced to my novel synopsis. I would work with Tracy again. I highly recommend her services."​
―Lou Tortola, CEO, eliquidMEDIA International Inc. 

"Tracy was a writer and editor at Charles River Associates, with a primary focus on thought leadership for the firm. I worked with Tracy consistently during her time at CRA, and she demonstrated a strong work ethic, dedication to all projects she worked on, and strategic thinking when working with consultants to develop thought leadership pieces."
―Tina Ibraheem, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Charles River Associates

"Tracy is a highly organized, motivated and talented copywriter. When she came to Vistaprint the copy team had little structure, few procedures and lacked professionalism. Through her tireless efforts, Tracy put in place processes and developmental programs that raised the quality of the work her group did and the professional skills each possessed. Tracy is thorough, a quick study, professional and motivated. Her copy is clear, strong and strategically sound. She would be an asset to any team."
―Liam Shannon, Executive Creative Director, Global Brand Expression, Vistaprint

"Tracy and I were the creative leads responsible for an important strategic initiative at Vistaprint. This campaign lasted for several months and involved a series of individual projects on tight deadlines. Tracy worked incredibly efficiently without sacrificing quality, consistently delivering effective, targeted and witty copy. While providing her valuable strategic insight and distinctive voice, she also proved to be a strong listener and collaborator. This was paramount, as we were working with a sizable team of marketers and project managers. In the end, the campaign delivered increased customer insight as well as financial gain. That success is largely due to Tracy's dedication, teamwork, and unique skill set."
―Mark Grambau, Illustrator and Designer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy on numerous projects for both international campaigns as well as those for North America. Each of these projects have required vastly different skills, and without fail, Tracy has delivered high quality copy against the often rigorous deadlines. Tracy’s work producing copy for our radio commercial was integral to the success of the campaign. Her contribution was not only in the form of writing, but also with her valuable insights regarding the strategic approach and her upbeat attitude. Tracy’s ability to understand business goals and objectives allow her to not only provide strong material, but also copy that drives business results."
―Stephanie Agrimanakis Sherman, VP of Acquisition Marketing, DraftKings, Inc.

"Coming from the collaborative world of advertising, I was used to brainstorming with writers on many projects. So when I actually had a chance to collaborate with writers and fellow art directors at Vistaprint on a project, I welcomed the opportunity. Throughout that process, I got the chance to work with Tracy. And I can honestly say that I was very impressed with her conceptual thinking, openness to new ideas, adaptability to edits and overall leadership as a principle copywriter. She really understood the complexity of the job and offered great insight and ideas that helped to facilitate some great solutions. I'm looking forward to working with Tracy on the next project."
―Keith Manning, Creative Director, Global Marketing, Vistaprint

"I have worked for Tracy at both Vistaprint and BJ's Wholesale Club. She is a great boss who is smart, thoughtful, thorough and refreshingly direct. As a copy director, Tracy is able to lead her team to support her employer's high-level strategic vision, but she never hesitates to dig and do large volumes of work as needed. Tracy is also a great advocate for her people, consistently helping them to grow and advance. She's one of the top three managers I've had in my 18-year career!"
―Jennifer Johnson, Senior Copywriter

"Tracy is a team builder and strategic contributor. Over the past six months, Tracy has unified a copy team that was previously fragmented due to lack of leadership. She’s collaborated with the team to document and standardize processes and other key initiatives. When reviewing creative work, Tracy does more than highlight copy and design concerns. She also notes strategic breakdowns and challenges the team to embrace big-picture solutions. Often, Tracy asks questions that shed light on larger issues in process, execution and implementation. She thinks beyond the surface level to embrace deliberate, informed courses of action. In the past six months, I feel that Tracy has directly contributed to my growth as a copywriter, strat​egic thinker and in other essential, domain-specific competencies. She frequently guides and presses me to be a better writer and creative contributor. Under her leadership, I feel as if my continued growth is fully supported and applauded."
―Elizabeth Owuor, Copywriter, Editor, Journalist

"Tracy was an excellent managing editor and mentor during my internship at Bobvila.com. One of the most commendable qualities I appreciated about Tracy was her dedication to her work and colleagues. During my time at Bobvila.com, Tracy was committed to including me in meetings and encouraged me to write my own stories. She valued my feedback, and she provided me with valuable editorial advice that I still refer to today. Needless to say, Tracy has been quite influential in my professional life, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her for her professional pursuits."
―Yumi Araki, Washington Reporter, The Yomiuri Shimbun

"Tracy was an excellent, highly organized and detail-oriented managing editor. She was innovative, responsive to the needs of all constituencies, and always gave 100 percent."
―Mel Marchand, COO Renovate Your World, Photographer, Digital Business Strategist

"Tracy is the kind of editor every writer hopes to work for. She is knowledgeable, creative and takes the time to explain projects and brainstorm sources. She pays keen attention to detail and is always prompt with contracts and payments. I highly recommend Tracy to other editors and writers. She is a true publishing professional."
―Tanja Kern, Marketing and Corporate Communications

"Tracy's attention to detail is matched only by her excellent communication skills. She is very clear and concise in her requests, which she issues without sacrifice of the gracious and grateful touches that make her a joy to work for."
―Ben Hardy, Community Manager, Homeclick.com

"I have been working with Tracy for over a year now, and she is absolutely one of my favorite editors. She's always open to listening to the writer's thoughts about a story's direction, and she'll talk through ideas and brainstorm with you until everyone is on the same page. Tracy gets to know her writers and makes a point to assign pieces that play to their topical areas. She's always efficient and organized with contracts and invoices, and makes sure her writers get paid promptly after acceptance. I really appreciate her as an editor, and I'm pleased every time I get to work with her."
―Alyson McNutt English, Freelance Writer, Editor, and Instructional Designer

"Tracy is a great communicator. She knows how to get what she needs out of writers in a way that earns their loyalty and respect. Her impressive organizational skills help projects move smoothly through the editorial process. I would highly recommend working with her, or for her."
―Cynthia Ramnarace, Freelance Writer and Editorial Consultant, Owner of Memoiria

"I admire Tracy as a professional, but it’s through casual correspondence that I’ve come to acquaint myself with her true talent. After expressing an interest in writing my master’s thesis on Holocaust literature, she wrote: “I loved reading Holocaust memoirs and first-person accounts. I actually ghostwrote a book for Elizabeth Dole [as in Senator Dole] called ‘The Children of World War Two’ that captured essays of people who were children growing up around the world and their diverse experiences, such as children from London who were sent to the countryside, Japanese-Americans and German-Americans who were interned in camps in the U.S., etc. The book died and never hit the shelves (Dole backed out) but I still have some books and resources, I believe. I’ll take a look and let you know what I have in case you’re interested. For me, I think it all started with Anne Frank in high school and then extended to many others.” I was amazed. That’s what Tracy is all about. Whether it’s on a personal level or professional, she always gives her time, talent and unending enthusiasm for a job well done. The results are always surprising but welcome. Of course, I will always be indebted to Tracy for having confidence in me professionally long before I ever did and for discovering and developing my strongest contributions to the editorial process. She remains an indispensable aspect to my success."
―Brian Petyo, Marketing Specialist, UC Irvine

"Tracy and I worked together while she was at BJ's Wholesale Club and I was at Custom Solutions from SmartMoney (Hearst). Aside from her contagious optimism and wonderful sense of humor, she is a true professional. It was a pleasure working for (and with) TQM!"
​―Eric M. Martucci, Marketing Director, Client Services at HNW

"Tracy is organized, a great resource manager, clever and efficient. She is just one of those rare stars you wish you had on your team today and tomorrow."
―Patrick O'Connor, PMP, Senior Project Manager

"I had the pleasure to work closely with Tracy in the marketing department at BJ's Wholesale Club. She always came to the table with lots of great ideas and an attention to detail that went above and beyond expectations. With Tracy on your team you can be assured that your brand is in good hands."
―Cindi Emery, Senior Art Director, BJ's Wholesale Club

"Tracy is a very detail-oriented and conscientious worker who isn't afraid to state her opinion and stand behind it."
―Greg Curtis, Traffic Manager, BJ's Wholesale Club​

"Tracy and I worked together for over two-and-a-half years at BJ’s Wholesale Club and had a great working relationship. We collaborated in ways to help foster online initiatives and create a better experience for our Members usingour web site and email communications. Tracy successfully executes the requirements of each project yet digs deeper into each job and asks the right questions to meet the goals and objectives. I’ve learned a lot from Tracy having worked closely with her in bringing content to life on BJs.com and in our weekly email communications to BJ’s Members. She is very organized and is great in helping set standards and guidelines as well as helped keep team members on track. I am grateful for having learned from her in areas of creative copywriting and have grown stronger in my writing skills due to the many successful projects in which we’ve worked together."
―Lenny Donnarumma, Interactive Marketing Manager/Associate Director, BJ's Wholesale Club

"There are few people whom I would recommend without hesitation, and Tracy Quinn McLennan is one of those those people. She has both a great work ethic and does great work. When Tracy takes on an assignment, you can be confident that she will complete it on time and magnificently."
―Bill Adler, Owner, Adler & Robin Books, Inc.

"Tracy is one of the hardest working individuals that I've ever known. In college, she maintained a double major while holding down a part-time job at the library. She is meticulous in her editing and focused throughout her writing process. I would highly recommend Tracy for any position in which she is interested."
―Sue L. Beaudet, MPA​​​​, Town Manager of Bronson, FL